2011 Summer Mini Camp
November 15th, 2011

With so much fun we had last year, we couldn’t resist but to organize yet another robotics mini camp at the Cupertino Library this year, 2010. Similar to last year’s camp, our camp consisted of 24 people, all from middle school. Almost every single camper left the last day of camp more efficient and clever than before. Most importantly everyone had also left the last day of camp satisfied with the brilliant creations they had created. During the course of this 4-day camp, they learned how to overcome obstacles that they found along the way of completing the tasks or missions we provided. Upon coming across problems, with a little bit of help from the mentors, all the teams ended up with a magnificent robot design and a working program.

A lot of the credits of this successful camp are given to the staff and librarians of the Cupertino Library especially Judith Blight (their organizational help and contributions), the Friends of Cupertino Library (who provided food everyday for those 4 days), and the parent’s support (helping the students keep striving forward). A round of applause to all of our mentors, who taught and connected with each individual mentee throughout the course of the robotics mini camp: Alric Siu, Lucy Mou, Toshitha Jagadeesh, Aurea Siu, Emily Lo, Alicia Siu, and Shikhar Jagadeesh.

-Emily Lo, Gr.8