FLL States 2010
November 15th, 2011

Let’s go Xbots Let’s go! Let’s go Xbots Lets go! Congratulations Xbots for winning the 2nd Place Teamwork Award at the States! This was a day to remember, as it was the second time the Xbots won a prestigious award during the States. Throughout the season, the Xbots had spent so much time and gone through so many obstacles together that they had all grown very close to each other creating an undefeated Xbots! Their minds were all knitted together into one big quilt to create this strong team, but without stitches, obviously the quilt would not hold. Without our fabulous mentor (the stitches), Alric Siu, this team would not have hold into such an undefeated team and would definitely not reach the status it has today. A HUGE round of applause to our most amazing mentor, Alric Siu! Keep up the GREAT WORK XBOTS!!

-Aurea Siu, Gr.10