Fundraising Event

Our club will be holding a fundraising event this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (12/17/09 – 12/19/09) during brunch outside Room 3. We will be selling cookies and treats for $2.00 and stuffed animals for $3.00. Please come and support us.

Update for the Parents: Thank you for your support to our fundraising event. The donations we have received so far since the beginning of this year can only allow us to purchase two new Lego NXT kits. Our goal is to provide our club with a total of 10 NXT kits by the end of this school year. This will ensure that every club member will have a chance to use them during our weekly robotic club meeting. The addition of only two new NXT kits requires us to rotate many of our sub-groups to learn and experience the more advanced robotic features and programming techniques offered in Lego NXT robot. We hope you can provide more continued support for us to reach our target in future fundraising events. Thanks for your support in advance.
-January 4, 2009

-Alric Siu ‘12