Proclamation of Cupertino City

As you have heard many times before from your teachers or parents, success comes with hard work.  The XBOTS have heard of it yet many times too, but this time they know it by heart. All the time they spent had a response. The XBOTS had been invited to receive a proclamation from the City of Cupertino’s Mayor, Kris Wang, and the City Council on August 3, 2010 for their hard work of holding the Mini Robotics Camp in the Cupertino Library.

The XBOTS would like to thank the Mayor and City Council of Cupertino for their encouragement. We would also like to thank the Librarians of Cupertino, Mark Fink and Judith Blight, for their non-stop support, and the Friends of the Cupertino Library, for supporting us by providing us lunch so that we could extend our program until after noon. This is yet another episode of the (Dun dun dunnn) XBOTS!!!!!

See the proclamation here.

You can view and download pictures of the Summer MiniCamp here

-Aurea Siu